Use case1
  • user install the application on the mobile device

Use case 2
  • user starts the application and see the main screen which contains:
    • an application logo
    • “log-in” button (using facebook / twitter account)
    • “remember this session” check box
    • It makes sense to provide support for multiple accounts? A phone is usually used by a single person, which will usually have a single twitter/faceboo
    • application exit button

Use case 3
  • User enters contact information and clicks Sign In.
  • The application checks if there is data connection,
  • If there is no data connection, it will display an error message on the screen

Use case 4
  • if there are more than one data sessions, the user will be asked to choose the one he wants to use
  • At the implementation stage will be specified if the functionality will be implemented in the application or will be used an Android library for this purpose

Use case 5
  • try to login using data provided by the user (username, login, social network)
  • application will wait a while (timeout) and if it fails to transmit data
  • will display a corresponding error message

Use case 6
  • the application performs a successful authentication procedure and performs the login operation
  • the application displays the main menu

  • => how does the Application looks like? J

Use case 7
  • User presses the “logout” button
  • Attempt to perform “logout” operation

... the rest of use cases, (use cases for the application itself)