Twitter login is already done by me. Maybe tommorow Dumitru will tell me the Ciatri account password so that we can test it properly :)
The process is simple. The user is redirected to a page where he's asked if he wishes to let Ciatri use his account. If he's already logged in or logges after that and accepts, he will receive a PIN number which he'll have to introduce in our application OR our application will be able to automatically extract it.

Maybe someone should check if this process can be automated on Android ( Twitter4J also offers an Android version of this library, maybe it has support for it ).


using application's Consumer key and secret, we tell the user to access a specified link.
The user will receive a PIN code which will be used to get the token and token secret

From now on, we will be using both the tokens and de consumer data.
This program just authenticates with Twitter and updates the user's status.

The code is avaible via SVN.